A Diamond In The Ruff

I'm a product of my environment , you either like it or leave it . - Pilot Jones I'm an aspiring image consultant. I love starting new trends and helping others feel comfortable in what they're wearing. I've been a personal stylist for going on 2 years now and would like to make it my profession. Why not? It's what I love to do.

October 23, 1992

Oct. 25, 2013
On October 23rd, a star was born. Little did they know. Left me outside playing in the snow. All I ever wanted to do was go. Now ima go harder. Look at what all you people started. A riot and I stand by it. 5'2 looking dead at you. In ya face straight in ya eyes. Yelling at you. Devil get behind me. Don't blink now. You might miss the show. All you had to do was let me go and see what this big world had to offer me. But no, you held me close. As close can be. Why when I liked running the streets. Stop protecting me from what I know. Out here in this snow. The storm has passed. Heart racing fast. In this little chest of mine. Trust me you gotta let this Diamond in the ruff shine. Don't worry about me now, I gave the Lord this little life of mine.
The City Of Big Dreams